FreeWays to Fuel

What is the FreeWays to Fuel (F2F) National Alliance?
FreeWays to Fuel is a Utah originated and based national alliance designed to investigate the use ofnon-traditional agronomic lands such as roadside rights-of-way, military bases, and airports for the growth of biofuel feedstock crops across the country. Nearly all highway areas in the United States have monetary costs to maintain. Utah’s Department of Transportation (UDOT) alone has nearly 6000 miles of highway roadsides that require maintenance at costs of $300 per mile in 2006. A potential cost reduction could be realized in using this land to grow biofuel feedstock crops. The fuel made from these crops could then be used in the DOT’s fleets and other state vehicles. This project was initiated in 2007 in cooperation with the UDOT and Utah State University. The concept quickly caught the nation’s attention and a national alliance was proposed. This alliance would partner with DOTs and land grant colleges in the respective states along with federal government agencies and industry to reduce carbon footprinting and emissions, decrease America’s dependence on foreign oil and solidify our national security by the production of localized biofuel feed stocks.

Who is the FreeWays to Fuel National Alliance?
To date personnel from the following land grant universities are committed to the Alliance pending funding: Utah State University, Washington State University, University of Idaho, Montana State University, Iowa State University, Michigan State University, North Carolina State University, Auburn University, Penn State University, State College of New York – Cobleskill. The Alliance has participation from government, academia, industry and biofuel organizations to provide leadership and strategy.

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