Urban Farming and Fuel

Salt Lake County has a strong history of responsible stewardship for land in the valley.  From adoption of the foothill and canyon overlay zone in the early 1990s, to the County’s leadership in putting an aggressive open space acquisition bond before the voters in 2006, Salt Lake County has consistently shown leadership in the areas of land preservation and land use. Establishing the Urban Farming program on publicly held land in the valley was and remains the next logical progression in the County’s stewardship efforts.

The Urban Farming and Fuel program managed by Salt Lake County focuses on food production and biofuel development. Utah State University Extension Office, is thrilled to be a partner in Salt Lake County’s Urban Farming and Fuel program and looks forward to assisting Salt Lake County in fully realizing goals for the program.

Wood CNC router profucts reviewed on this page. With the success of the Urban Farming Biofuel program this year, it is anticipated this program will produce feedstock for over 20,000 gallons/year of biodiesel completed. Currently, the program includes growing and harvesting biofuels feedstock. The overarching goal of Salt Lake County’s program is to pioneer the use of non-traditional agronomic lands owned by local governments for the growth of biofuel feedstock.  The biodiesel produced will be utilized by local government fleets to reduce the amount of diesel fuel purchased, and improve the sustainability and carbon footprint of the area.  The Salt Lake County biofuel project includes use of biosolids from the Salt Lake Valley Waste Water Treatment Plant as a soil enhancer. This innovative use of biosolids also helps local government hold down the cost of otherwise disposing of the by-product of solid waste treatment.

Utah State University leads the nation in non-traditional agronomic land utilization for the production biofuel feedstocks. With its national partnerships, knowledge gathered from years of research and recent support of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Department of Energy (DOE) and United States Military, USU is anxious to engage Salt Lake County in continuing to pioneer this vision of idle land use.  The Center for Agronomic and Woody Biofuels was formed in January 2011 and operates out of the USU Extension Services Office located at the Salt Lake County complex.  The Center will partner closely with Salt Lake County in the pursuit of renewable energy production.

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Urban Farming and Fuel: A Paradigm in Land Use